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New items have been listed on my Etsy store, but I thought I’d give a little back to the planner community. I posted a request for ideas and suggestions to the Instagram planning community last week and the response was brilliant. I’m currently working on all of the requests that you’ve put forward, but I thought I’d start off with something simple, which is what I like to call the Timeline Tape.



Each timeline tape measures 28.2 cm by 1.1 cm (each half hour block measuring 0.6 cm) with times ranging from 4am to 3am in 24 hour time. Each printable has 14 timeline tapes per A4 sheet of paper. They’re designed to be cut out and pasted into your bullet journal or current planner system for blocking out and scheduling in time.


After you’ve cut out each timeline tape, simply trim off the time blocks that you don’t need for your day. For the above example, I started at 7am and finished at 10.30pm. Then I pasted it into my bullet journal (see below)



If you would like to download this FREE printable you can do so here – Decade30TimelineTape24hour30FREE

And if you would like alternative designs, please visit my Etsy shop – Decade Thirty Etsy Shop.

Happy planning, folks :)


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3 thoughts on “timeline tape FREE planner printable

  1. Super cute and useful!Thank you for sharing. Really appreciate!

    Would you mind if I translating it into Chinese and post it on Wechat? I will for sure enclose your information, date and this web link.

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