Improve your everyday handwriting… in sentences

Welcome to the third installment of the ‘Improve your everyday handwriting’ series on my blog :) If you missed the first two, there are the links:

This is the super fun part of handwriting practice – writing sentences! I absolutely love practicing pangrams. Pangrams are words or sentences that contain every letter of the alphabet at least once, e.g. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. You can easily Google pangrams and use these as practice. This is the link to the one that I used for the examples below.

This is a sample of a pangram using the writing guide


This is a sample of a pangram using ruled paper


By now, you would’ve had a tonne of practice with individual letters and some words, and you’re probably bored to tears doing these drills. Well this is the time to shine, handwriters! Here you can unleash some of that drill work into sentences. You don’t have to use pangrams, you can write whatever sentence you like – it really doesn’t matter how long the sentences are, so long as you can fill a page of handwriting practice.

Keep the tips from my previous blog posts in mind when you write sentences. You’ll find that you’ll sometimes have the tendency to lose consistency in letters, so my advice is to slow it down, don’t erase mistakes, and keep writing. If you find that there’s a word/s that just looks like absolute shit, go back to drill work focusing on that word.

Interested in other practice resources?

Last month, I collaborated with some amazing ladies on the #RockYourHandwriting challenge, and they have all released some free printables on their websites to practice this beautiful artform:

What’s next?

Improve your everyday handwriting… in free practice. Until then, happy handwriting!


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5 thoughts on “Improve your everyday handwriting… in sentences

  1. Thank you for this post .. I really need this because i sometimes really hate my daily handwriting. Why sometimes.. ? This is because i write differently everytime i write and i dont know why.. Though i have a feeling its because of my grip.
    And because of this post now i know and that my feeling is right its because of the grip and pen..
    Anyway thank u again, im off to practising… Heheheh

  2. Dee, thank you so much for blogging this and for the inspiration. I’m going to try your suggestions.
    I too was taught as a child to print small case letters which i used up to when i was in my twenties which is when i started entering a whole lot of contests which required writing my info in all capital letters. It became such a habit and was so much more quick and tidy than the lower case letters that that is the only way i have printed since then. But now i realize just how pretty lower case letters are with all the curves in them, but try as i may i am having a lot of difficulty going back to them. My current method of writing is to print in capital letters my nouns and everything after it in cursive. For example, on my to-do lists i print …
    TRUCK = (then in cursive) take in for front end alignment.
    BED = change sheets
    MY DOCTOR = ask him about spot on ankle.
    Using the lower case letters is very easy to do on the computer, but i can’t grab my computer every time i need it.
    Btw, Did you know (in our state anyway) the school systems are considering dropping the teaching of cursive writing?? isn’t that INSANE!)
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your handwriting tips, you are amazing.

    1. Oh my goodness, really?! What’s their reason for dropping the teaching of cursive writing? Handwriting is so important and they’ve done heaps of studies about how handwriting activates critical areas of the brain that are essential for cognition and learning. That’s such a shame :(

  3. I am grateful to view your posts they r awesome but more than that the pictures helped me a lot so thnx for posting those pictures. I took the reference of the lowercase letters but if u don’t mind can u show me the pictures of all the uppercase letters too? And about my progress, I practised it for about an hour and I saw the difference between my earlier handwriting and that of now. It is effective if you are determined from inside, isn’t it? :)

  4. The example sentence should be “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” The current version (“jumped” instead of “jumps”) doesn’t have an ‘s’.

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