timeline 17122014

As part of growing my creativity next year, I’ve decided to create the Decade Thirty Timeline series. I haven’t decided on what particular day I’d do this each month, but the premise is documenting a 12-hour time frame in four pictures with associated thoughts (just because I like visuals and writing).

timeline 17122014

This is my third last day at work.


“This will ultimately save me this morning.”


“How many points do I need to rack up to qualify next year? Hmmm, 20?! Yup, doable in a couple of hours.”


“I need to find this file so I can wrap up this year’s caseload.” [turns around to see packed up boxes after the office move] “Fuck that.”


“Green juice – mmm, nom, nom!” [gag] “I’ve just aspirated an entire vegetable patch! Not so nice green juice today.”




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