12 thoughts on “8 FAQs about my handwriting

  1. This is really cool! I love seeing handwritten stuff. So, I think for a lot of people, they can write neater if they slow down but it’s sloppy when they write fast. With all of your practice and (for lack of a better word) discipline, do you find that your handwriting stays neat even if you’re writing quickly?

    Thanks again for posting (and more handwritten posts, please)!

    1. Hi Kali! Thanks for you lovely comments :) my writing can get sloppy at times usually when I’m tired or lazy. I posted somewhere on my Instagram feed some examples of my handwriting if you wanna check it out. I tend to default to a half print half script handwriting style when I’m taking down notes over the phone or need to quickly get down an idea. I’ll try to post up more handwritten posts in the future :)

  2. Is there a different between the Jetstream 101 and the Jetstream RT? I guess one is ball point and the other is roller ball. Honestly I do not know what the difference is. I love to look at other peoples had writing and copy it. I’ve done this since I was a child. You can look through my journal and you would think 10 different people wrote in it. I love the crispness, spacing, and so much more. I find that if I have the right writing instruments I can mimic what the handwriting is. Forgive me if my earlier question seems foolish. Thank you for you explanation on the pens and help.

    1. Hi Maggie thanks for stopping by my blog :) to be honest, I’m not familiar with the Jetstream RT. I had to go to the stationery shop to have a quick squiggle with it. You’re right that it is a rollerball but I still prefer the Jetstream 101 only because it’s a ballpoint that writes like a roller ball and the lines are crisper. Hope that helps :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! The font you write with is that of Getty-Dubay; they publish italic handwriting books.

    I’ve been struggling, not so much with legibility (that happens when I slow to snail pace and concentrate), but with the strain in my arm and shoulder within a short period of time. Something about my posture is off… which in turn just make my handwriting lack uniformity and on the whole ugly (in my opinion). Practice in the right posture, whilst maintaining letter form, is clearly needed!

    I really appreciate you improve your handwriting page, it’s spurred me on for continual practice! Oh and thank you for the practice sheets!

  4. Years ago I used a service called fontifier to make a font from my (horrible) handwriting. That service still exists, but is no longer free.

    https://www.calligraphr.com/en/ looks like an even better option. If you pay, you can add ligatures and so on, but since you print, it’s probably not needed.

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