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If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I opened an Etsy store not too long ago. Here are some of the items currently available in the shop:

Habit trackers in various formats

Monthly task trackers in two versions

DecadeThirtyMonthTrackVersionB1 DecadeThirtyMonthTrackVersionA1 DecadeThirtyMonthTrackVersionA2
I’m working on a larger handwritten printable and trying to nut out the formatting issues before I upload it. For those who have purchased or visited my shop, is there anything you’d like to see up there for purchase?

Happy shopping, folks!


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9 thoughts on “Planner printables

    1. I’ve been asked this question a few times, but I’m not sure how it will work out being that the images are all handwritten. I may need to look into it…

  1. Hey Dee/Tiny Ray….thanks so much for sharing your creative, practical things to get productive with bullet journaling…congratulations for being selected to be the poster child of beautiful bullet journaling. You and Tiny Ray are the best!

    Your and Tiny Ray’s bullet journal challenges have very inspirational. I know that must take some work. I included some questions that might help you.

    They are logical (at least in my mind) followups to some of your prompts in earlier months. Your work inspired me to try to get it together, so I felt like I owed you guys’ one.

    Bullet Journal Info to give Dee and Tiny Ray A Month Off?

    1. Describe your routine when you set up to do planning
    2. What are your monthly/weekly planning/scheduling priorities
    3. How do you ensure/track your priorities get done
    4. What is the best thing you ever read on goal setting, time management, achievement, journaling
    5. What are the top 1-3 things you want to achieve in bullet journaling.
    6. What are you going to change /do differently to make it happen?
    7. Rewards: Favorite ways you treat yourself for doing a really unpleasant task
    8. Too busy to reward yourself now?…what’s your bucket list reward for achieving your goal(s)
    9. Most reliable /go to place to get good bullet journal brain dumping and planning done
    10. Favorite day/date of the month to set up next month
    11. What’s your system(s) for setting up a new year
    12. Most productive time (least interuptions/highest brain power)
    13. Top 3 bullet journal “dos”
    14. Top 3 bullet journal dont’s
    15. Top 3 most meaningful things in your life related to bullet journaling
    16. What was your best bullet journal / planner epiphany
    17. Your favorite planning/scheduling video (not decorating your bullet journal)
    18. Your daily worksheet (ala pocket mod)
    19. Performance Index guy…where’d it go?
    20. Top MUST HAVE lists index
    21. How do you index your: special pages, task collections, lists etc
    22. How do you balance having down and dirty getting things done with archival quality input/output
    23. Top places, stores, websites to buy your bullet journal supplies
    24. “Organize the present, plan the future, track the past” How do you do it.
    25. Do you permanently archive your bullet journals…if so, how?
    26. What recs for newbie hoping to achieving bullet journal / planner peace
    27. Differentiate between lightweight (tasks) and heavyweight achievements (goals/projects)
    28. Best / worst thing you’ve done re bullet journaling and / or time mgmt.
    29. Top 3 things you are thankful for from last month / week
    30. How do you keep track of things your thankful for: How do you you “count/recall your blessings”
    31. What is your best bullet journal “Trick”…what is your best “Treat”

     Motivational Monday
     Time Management Tuesday (bring old stuff to the front6
     Workspace Wednesday
     Thankful Thursday (count the blessings of this week so far)
     Follow through Friday (zero out GTD Style) migrate
     Scheduling Saturday

    1. Hi John! Thank you so much for going to all the trouble of creating these prompts. I think Kim has changed the Bullet Journal Challenge for this month to reflect themes instead of prompts, but I might use some of your prompts as blog posts for the future :) It would be interesting to see how you answer some of these prompts as well – do you blog about any of your bullet journal experiences?

  2. I love these! And they are almost free! You include Avery label sizes for two of the habit trackers, but I’m having trouble finding these for less than $20 – and I’m a cheapskate. Do you usually print these on letter size sticker paper and then cut them out? Or do you print on plain paper and use gluestick or something? Please share your printable secrets!

    1. Hi Annika! Thank you for the lovely words :) You can print these out on letter size paper, but I think they will come out a little smaller than the specs I provided. I’ve formatted this to A4 paper, but I realise that a lot of my buyers are actually from the US, and they use letter size paper. I haven’t had any issues from them printing out to letter size. My printables are designed with your customisation in mind, so you can print them on plain or coloured paper, cut them out and then glue them in your planner. I hope that helps :) I’m going to try to put up some simple ‘how-to’s’ for the habit trackers I have here. Have a great day!

      1. I downloaded three of your printables to try and have been experimenting with them, using washi tape since it’s temporary. So far I love them! I had no issues printing on letter size paper, although the lines came out fuzzier than I expected – but maybe that’s part of being a hand-lettered item. Thank you!

        1. Aww thanks for the purchase, Annika :) Yes, sometimes the lines come out a bit fuzzy. I tried it on different types of printers, too, an inkjet and laser, and the laser print out isn’t as fuzzy. I’d love to see how you’re using it with washi tape – that sounds interesting :)

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