what’s in a name?

I want to let you in on a secret – I wrote this blog under a pseudonym.

That’s right, Dee Martinez, is not so much a made up name, but a variation of my name before I legally changed it when I got married last year. I never actually thought this little space in the blogosphere would gain any sort of traction, so I never thought of changing my name here and on any of my social media networks. For two reasons – for consistency, since I started this before I got married, and lastly, because of the nature of my work of employment, I needed to make this personal space less identifiable to the potential clients I would see (this is for personal and privacy safety).

In the past, I have posted to closed Facebook groups under my legal name, which was probably a slight oversight of mine, I admit, but thought nothing of it, since the privacy settings are restricted to members of that particular group, and my presence there hasn’t really been as big as it is on Instagram or through my blog where I use my pseudonym. Over the last few weeks, I’ve joined a few Facebook groups, mainly out of curiosity of how others are using the bullet journal and to add my 5 cents’ worth of advice when I can. I’m on Facebook under my legal name, and I’ve had a few questions about why I was using photos from this website without crediting the source or why I’ve been claiming pictures from this website as mine. Well, because they are my photos written under my pseudonym, which is my work. I’m glad that everyone is all about intellectual integrity, but this is where I’ve been bitten in the butt because I write under a pseudonym. So, please, if you see me post anything related to my website on the Facebook groups under my legal name, you can rest assure that it’s actually come from me. I may eventually change my pseudonym over to my legal name in the future, but for now, I’d appreciate it if you could please respect the reasons why I’ve done this.

Thanks in advance :)


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