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I’ve been on a short blogging and social media hiatus the last few weeks because there’s heaps happening in my personal life at the moment, that I just don’t have time. Now that the busy month of October is behind us and most of the stressful parts have passed, I thought November would be a nice time to get a bit more focused on the well-being side, which I’ve not totally neglected, but it’s been put aside while other matters take precedence. Anyway, enough with the cryptic messages, and on to what I’ve come up with as a focused challenge for my logbook entries.

I found that I’ve been writing the same things every day in my logbook, and wanted to try something new. A little over ten years ago, I took some art classes and created this exercise for myself where I had created 7 prompts for things I had to draw daily. For one week, I’d draw the prompt for that day, and then the following week, I’d scramble the order of the prompts for each day, and then draw the prompt on any given day. What happened in the end was that I ended up with different renditions of each prompt because I couldn’t anticipate what it was going to be any particular day. So for one Monday, I’d draw an apple, but next Monday would be prompt for a tree.

I took this idea and created what I like to call the Logbook Daily Prompt Cycle. Here is a link to what would essentially make up the 31 core prompts for any given month. And these are the prompts, if you’re not bothered with downloading the printable :)

1 – What made you smile today?

2 – List all the things you’ve purchased today.

3 – What was the best part of today?

4 – Something you’d always like to remember from today.

5 – List all the food you’ve consumed today

6 – Describe your day in ten words or less

7 – Your first thought this morning

8 – A simple pleasure you granted yourself today

9 – A tiny step you took towards your goals/dreams

10 – Three things you’re thankful for right now

11 – One thing you’re stressed about and two ways to help you get through it

12 – Describe your morning

13 – Describe your evening.

14 – Approximate minutes you spent on social media versus approximate minutes spent being social. Thoughts?

15 – An overheard conversation

16 – Take a minute at any point in time today, and observe what’s going on around you. Write down your immediate thoughts.

17 – Today’s vitals: date, day, weather, mood, breakfast, lunch, dinner, top 3 priorities

18 – What happened today at 10 am?

19 – What happened today at 1pm?

20 – What happened today at 7pm?

21 – List everything going through your mind right now

22 – Time lapse: Take your logbook/journal with you today and write one observation or thought each hour within an 8-hour time frame

23 – Struggle Street: What did you struggle with today? List 3 ways to help you overcome it

24 – What’s inspired you today?

25 – List everything you’ve read today.

26 – Something new you’ve learned today.

27 – Switch off technology for 2 hours. What did you do instead?

28 – Spend part of your day doing something you love. Thoughts?

29 – List all the places you’ve visited today.

30 – How did you relax and unwind today?

31 – Free write

These prompts will be selected randomly for each day of the month. Below are the prompts for each day of this month of November.

d30dailypromptcycleNov2015So for November 1, the prompt will be number 13, which is “Describe your evening.” November 2, will be prompt 1, which is “What made you smile today?”, and so on and so forth. I’ll be trying this for the month of November to give my logbook entries a bit of a focus, without it consuming too much of my time each day. Feel free to join in and share with others, and if you’re on Instagram, would love to see your entries – remember to hashtag #d30dailypromptcycleNov

Happy record keeping, folks :)



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