2016 daily prompt cycle

EDIT: One of my lovely readers (Thanks Jordana!) pointed out that I have two number 24s in the January prompt cycle. You can replace one of them with prompt 27 – your choice :)

If you’re new to the prompt cycle, please read the original post here and then the printables can be accessed here, and finally, come back to this page for the January and February cycles :)

imageHello, 2016, and welcome to the daily prompt cycles for January and February.

How did you go with your prompts from November and December 2015? What new things have you learned about yourself? What things have stayed the same? What prompts have been the most useful, challenging, fun for you?

I’ve decided to upload the prompts for every two months this year for the only reason being that I’ll be busy with a new bundle of joy in April and I would like to continue with this practice throughout the year and share ideas and thoughts with the journalling community. Enjoy the prompts and would love for you to share your experiences with the challenge and happy to receive emails of any kind about them :)



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12 thoughts on “2016 daily prompt cycle

  1. Hey, I was organizing the prompt cut outs to have them in order and ready for pasting when I noticed you wrote #24 twice and missed #27 in the cycle for january. I thought you’d like to know.
    Thanks for this, I love this concept.

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