December prompt cycle

Hello, December!

Apologies to the southern Aussie readers (and others in the same time frame) who are getting this on the eve of the first day of December, but I am just in time for the rest of the world. As promised this is the daily logbook/journalling prompt cycle for December. (You can right-click to save the image below)


If you missed out on what this is all about, here is a link to the original post that launched in November. You’ll find the prompts there along with a listed printable.

I’m looking forward to seeing different thought processes this month with these prompts. Because the prompts are mixed up for each month, I get a bit of a picture of what my life is like on different days of the week based on a single prompt. I’m actually looking forward to seeing if there’s any difference between my food consumption on a weekday compared to a weekend, and also the places I’ve visited. And not to mention, what things I’ve purchased given that it is December, and I tend to splurge this time of year. Oh and I almost completely forgot that I’m also purchasing items for a house and baby!

How did your November prompt cycle go? What have you learned about yourself since you started? What do you think will look differently this month? I’d love to hear your feedback and comments about your experiences with the prompt cycle.


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