How to use Decade Thirty Creations Habit Tracker on Etsy

These little habit tracking printables of mine are my flagship handwritten product. Now that it’s nearly the end of the year, everyone is usually thinking about goals and resolutions for the following year. I’m not one for resolutions, and if anything, I always seem to set very tentative goals for myself. But, I have found that the last couple of years, I’ve been pretty good at establishing some habits. The ones that I’m proud of including, regular gym and fitness sessions throughout the week, my logbooking habit, and flossing (I’m ashamed to say I used to have terrible oral hygiene – terrible for a SLP who works predominantly with mouths!).

Anyway, below is a little infographic I put together (and you can download the PDF here, too) on how to use the habit trackers I have in my shop and I share a small tip/recommendation for habit tracking in general. Enjoy!


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