daily prompts and self-care cycles

I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve and everyone in my house is sleeping. It has been a ridiculously challenging 2016 and this is the first time in my entire life where I’m actually looking forward to year’s end. The only overriding positive aspect of 2016 was the birth of my daughter, and everything else? […]

Rock Your Handwriting in September

Oh my, this year is going by so quickly! We’re in our eighth month of this challenge already and I hope that you’re seeing some improvements in your handwriting or just finding the joy of participating in the daily challenges. Without further delay, welcome to Septemeber’s Rock Your Handwriting challenge! If you’re new to the […]

The Calendar Wheel

Hi folks! A little over a month ago, I posted this pic on my Instagram account. – this was a future planning hack I created in March which I’ve called the calendar wheel. I was inspired by something similar I found on the Moleskine website a few years back and wanted to give it my […]

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