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I realised after posting up on social media the 2016 January and February prompt cycles last night, there was a bit of confusion with where to get the prompts and I was silly enough to think that everyone knew what the heck I was talking about! I didn’t realise that this would generate quite a bit of attention! So, instead of sifting through the mire of confusion and questions, I’m hoping this post will shed some light on this little idea of mine.

New to the challenge?

To start off with, here is a little explanation of what the Daily Prompt Cycles are about. It’s super important that you read this page first before moving any further – otherwise, you’ll be thinking you’ve gone mad! (On a sidenote: I’m slowly starting to clean up my blog as I come back from digital hiatus, so please be understanding if things don’t work the first time around, and check back in a few hours) You’ll also see that this page is located as a menu option on my blog page. Here you’ll find two sets of printables. Once you’ve read through this page and downloaded the printables you’d like, then come back to this page and read on for my new and exciting installment :)

2016 January and February Daily Prompt Cycle

I posted this previously, and here it is again. Again, if you haven’t read this page first, please go back and read it. There’s no point clicking on the image to get the prompts, you won’t find them here :) Please also note that January 29 is actually Prompt 27 NOT Prompt 24 (Thanks again, Jordana!) Prompts for March and April will be released on February 29, 2016.


The Daily Prompt Cycles just not tickling your fancy? Need something that takes even less time to capture those daily moments in your life? Well, let me introduce the Decade Thirty Daily Lists Prompt Cycle – same concept, but it appeals to the listing enthusiasts in all of us.

Here are the Daily Lists Prompt Cycle – 31 main prompts, and below is the January Daily Lists Prompt Cycle.



I’ve been working on this concept all day and I know there’s already been a few days that have passed for January, but this shouldn’t stop you from starting this listing challenge! I know time is valuable to all of us, and it’s hard to find the time to journal. This is just one creative way of capturing bits of your life in your planner or bullet journal that’ll take no more than 10 mins and will literally take up a few lines. You can even write it on a post-it note and stick it in later. Quick, simple, yet meaningful and a great memory keeper :) Have I sold you on it yet? Give it a go this month, and I’ll post up February’s Daily Lists Prompt Cycle on January 31. Here’s a sneak peak at the prompts…


If you’d like to share some of your responses, please feel free to do so by tagging me on Instagram (@decadethirty) or using the hashtag #d30promptcycle or drop me an email [email protected]. I love seeing everyone’s responses but above all else, I hope the prompt cycles provides you with an alternative to capturing your every day moments :)


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5 thoughts on “decade thirty daily prompt cycles

  1. From one fellow Dee to another (and living in Australia), Happy New Year! and I’m so happy to have found your blog and I just love your take on the Bullet Journal system. I’ve only just stumbled across this amazing system and so have just begun my first ever Bullet Journal (yay me). Really inspired to try the DecadeThirty Daily Prompt Cycle. Quick question, I noticed your notes are at the back of your Journal, do you also put all of your Collections at the back? Thanks for your time Dee, Cheers, Littledee

    1. Hello Littledee and fellow Aussie :) Thank you for the lovely words! And to answer your question, yes, when I was using the traditional bullet journalling system, I was putting my Journal and Collections at the back of my notebook. It just sorted it out better in my head when I needed to look for something hehe Have a good one and good luck with your bullet journalling journey :)

  2. First of all thanks to these lists, a nice way to remember something from the day.
    English is not my native language, and I have a problem for the second month with the task
    “an overhead conversation”. I understand “overheard”, but with “overhead”…
    Can you give me some example?
    best regards from Croatia

    1. Hi Sanja, thanks for stopping by my blog :) That’s a spelling error by me – I need to fix it up! It’s actually an “overheaRd” conversation not an “overhead” conversation. Sorry for the confusion and hopefully that clears it up for you :)

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