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Well, hello, beautiful world! I know the Planner Experimentalists posts have been pretty scarce lately, but I wanted to get the ball rolling again with an amazing find from the planner community (Thanks, Lauren! Don’t know what I’d do without you!). I’ve always been a bit of a voyeur when it comes to decorated planners, and I must admit, I’ve become a massive fan of Sami’s planner and what she offers in her fabulous subscription boxes at Planners Anonymous. So glad you could carve out some time to write this little piece to share with the planning community, Sami! Happy reading, folks!

Hi I’m Sami and a planner girl, crafter, photographer, and mum of two beautiful little children. I’ve always been a creative, I’ve found if I don’t have a creative outlet things get a little bit crazy. My daughter Indi (4) even told me the other day she wants to be an artist like mummy, talk about melting my heart.

I’ve been crafting for as long as I can remember, although planning is a lot newer to me. I’m currently learning to letter and do calligraphy and I’m going back to my high school days where doodling was fun and encouraged. I was drawn to planning when I saw I could combine my love of crafting and cardmaking into one little space where every week I get the chance to start fresh and theme it up. After trying a few planner subscriptions I couldn’t find designs I loved and wanted to use every month so I’ve just created my own called Planners Anonymous.

How I set up my planner

I have to admit, you Bujo girls are amazing! I struggle when I lose my boxes – so I’m a Happy Planner girl at heart. I have a fair few Kikki K planners although I design my own inserts so they include boxes. If you look super close there’s actually a dot grid inside them, I’m pretty average at writing straight, actually my writing isn’t amazing so I love sharing my before the pen spreads.

I have different sections in my planner for my calendar, business, creative ideas, family and health, and decorative items like stickers etc. I love stamping and using stickers in my planner as I love colour when I’m planning – which is hilarious because in my photography business I’m super neutral. I’m a pink girl at heart although growing up I was a bit of a tomboy at times and loved blues. Actually any shade of sunset I love, how all the pinks, purples, golds and blues all combine are amazing.

My Decorative Planning Tips

  1. I put all my appointments in my phone first – this may seem counter intuitive but it means that I can decorate my weekly and month spreads around what I have going on in my calendar and then add the appointments back in on top.
  2. Don’t be afraid to go big or experiment. The thing I love about planning is that if it doesn’t work one week I have a brand new fresh start the next week. You never know, your next accident could be the next big thing.
  3. Use a good quality paper – I use a minimum of 120gsm paper for my planner pages. I’m thinking about doing a completely creative journal at the moment and I’ll probably jump up to 200gsm so I can lightly watercolour on the pages.

Thanks for all the lovely words of advice, Sami, and don’t you just want to decorate your planner with those wonderful goodies?! =) Well, until the next Planner Experimentalists, folks, happy planning!


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