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Hello lovely readers! As part of my birthday celebrations today, I’m also starting off with a few updates going into 2016. The first is an update on my name.

I’ve written about this in previous posts and have had so many questions around it. Now that I’ve also released products and designs, there’s a legal element that I need to account for. I started writing this blog under my legal maiden name. ‘Dee’ is a nickname for my first name and ‘Martinez’ is my maiden name. For consistency and also privacy reasons for work, I’ve continued to use ‘Dee Martinez’ as my pseudonym. In my products you’ll notice that I state both my pseudonym and legal name on the product instructions.

I got married last year and changed my legal name to my husband’s surname, ‘Quine’. On FB, you’ll notice that I’m in some groups under my legal name – it’s the only way I get to be accepted into lovely planner groups, and it’s also a shock sometimes when I see FB people post some of my ideas without giving credit. So to minimise the questions, the fuss, the copycats, the stress of having to identify myself (when I have real reasons to keep my anonymity, such as those from my clients I see at work) I’ve come up with a compromise.

My name will be updated on my blog, Instagram, and social media accounts as ‘Dee Quine’. All works under my previous name ‘Dee Martinez’ still remain and continue to be mine. For the most part, people are friendly and do the right thing, but unfortunately, there’s also the other part that I have to do this for in order to protect my creations and ideas. I know the better part of the blogging community will understand.

Anyway, I’m off to eat some cake!

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